Beyond its capacities to treat private international law, Arsinoë Avocats is a national network by a north-south axis in France, thanks to its founders members attached to Marseille and Paris bars.

Such geographic distribution allowing proximity offers to the common clients of the network the advantage to see it acts with rapidity and flexibility. One of the primary goal of Arsinoë Avocats is to provide coordinated services that are satisfying and developing loyalty.

This coordination is provided by the key member of the network in the person of M. Renaud CLEMENT who looks after, in particular regarding obligation of mutual assistance, which all the members of the network have to follow by being available for each other and by offering their services to other members clients who are soliciting them, all along in the exacting respect of the professional secrecy.

The multidisciplinary network Arsinoë Avocats is a structure allowing its members to favorise juridical and jurisdictional complementarity on the whole projects and operations, with paying attention to main scopes of working and/or handling practice location of members in view of developping law business in accordance with the multilateral convention and the network convention they approved.